Youth Soccer Injuries

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Has your child been injured while playing youth soccer? As the frequency and severity of adolescent and teenage Sports Injuries continue to rise, people are turning to holistic, natural, Chiropractic Care.

Is Soccer Really the Safer Alternative to Other Youth Sports?

Many parents agree to let their children begin playing in youth soccer leagues because they believe the sport to be a better form of cardiovascular exercise, as well as a safer alternative to sports like football. Since 2010, however, Soccer has a higher injury rate for kids under 15 than any other sport. That includes high contact sports like rugby, basketball, field hockey, and yes, even football. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Football, which still remains under high levels of scrutiny from parents and certain members of the medical community, has gone to great lengths to place a higher emphasis on player safety. If your child has endured any types of sports injuries, including the ever-increasing youth soccer injuries, please don’t hesitate to get your child medical treatment. Undiagnosed sports injuries in kids can lead to all sorts of unwanted consequences throughout their adolescence, and even into their adult years. If you’re looking for a natural, holistic approach to recovery from youth soccer injuries or any other sports injuries, call Planet Chiropractic!

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More Kids Playing Soccer = More Youth Soccer Injuries

We believe that all sports, including youth soccer, should place as high of an emphasis on player safety as they do exercise, player techniques, sportsmanship, and winning. If youth soccer organizations did this, perhaps the 200,000+ annual youth soccer injuries in the U.S. would begin to decline. But as long as there are sports, there will likely be sports injuries. Some occur all at once, and some occur over time. Planet Chiropractic can help you or your child recover from big sports injuries as well as long-term wear and tear injuries like the ones common among youth soccer players. ACL sprains, concussions, ankle injuries, runner’s knee, or any other type of structurally-based injury are also very common in youth soccer or other youth sports. If your child has encountered injuries involving joint, tendon, muscle, or spinal dysfunction, we urge you to consider chiropractic care from someone who specializes in working with kids as well as helping them recover from sports injuries. If your child has been hurt in a youth soccer match, call Planet Chiropractic!

Boys AND Girls of All Ages Are Susceptible to Sports Injuries in Youth Soccer

There are over 200,000 soccer-related injuries in the United States every year. 4 out of every 5 soccer injuries happen to players under 25 years of age. Almost 50% of all soccer injuries occur to kids under 15 years of age. According to the latest studies, no player position is at a higher risk for general injuries than any other position. So midfielders and defenders are just as vulnerable to in-game sports injuries as youth soccer goalies are. Girls that play youth soccer are at 6x greater risk of an ACL tear than boys, although boys seem to be more vulnerable to ankle injuries than girls. Girls who play youth soccer are also more likely to have concussions or concussion-type symptoms than boys. And sadly, there remains no official protocol for “return to play” guidelines. In essence, a soccer player may have an injury that warrants keeping them out of play, but because of their desire to get back in the game, might play down the injury and talk a coach into letting them back into action. It’s no secret that youth soccer injuries are some of the most prevalent, and most abundant sports injuries in all of youth sports. If your child has endured soccer injuries or sports injuries of any kind, we urge you to consider a holistic, natural, structural approach to their recovery. Call Planet Chiropractic!

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We are your #1 resource for diagnosing and treating sports injuries. If your child has experienced youth soccer injuries or any other sports injuries, we can help!