If you need an experienced, certified chiropractor in Douglasville, West Georgia, or the Greater Atlanta area, Planet Chiropractic is your top source for outstanding chiropractic care. We help you live your best life!

“Everyone at Planet Chiropractic is professional and genuinely cares about your well-being.”

~ David T, Douglasville, GA

No Other Local Facility Gives You the Same Top-Level Chiropractor Services as Planet Chiropractic

Since the very beginning, it has been the goal of the entire Planet Chiropractic staff to revolutionize what every client has come to expect from experienced, top-rated Chiropractor Services. There is so much more to long-term Chiropractic Care than just cracking backs. In fact, our ultimate goal is to go way past the point of pain management for our clients, and to rocket them towards total body mobility and a heightened sense of what is possible through the balanced approach of body, mind, and spirit. We don’t just want to make you feel better, we want to help you and your loved ones live your absolute best life possible, in every facet. For us, that begins with re-defining what working with a Chiropractor means to you and your family.

Planet Chiropractic – Redefining What Working with a Chiropractor Means to You and Your Family

A Chiropractor, sometimes categorized or defined as an alternative health care provider, is a licensed, trained health care professional who specializes in the treatment of bodily misalignments, especially in regards to the spinal column. The goal of successful chiropractic care for most modern chiropractors is to offer their patients holistic, non-invasive, highly-successful options for diagnosing and treating chronic pain, joint malfunctions, total body imbalances, injury recovery, and a whole host of other ailments. Even migraine headaches and sinus problems can often be effectively combatted with proper structural care from an experienced Chiropractor. Most chiropractors focus on treating their patients through neuromuscular disorder diagnosis, and can offer treatment through spinal realignment as well as other similar techniques. Regardless of the technique or approach, we have discovered that regular chiropractic care not only increases the chance of our clients successfully managing pain, but it can also help folks gain optimum body function, inside and out.

Diagnostic Pain Therapy, Total Body Restoration, Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, and More

If you think of your body as an intricate system of electrical wirings, power suppliers, and power receivers, you might catch a glimpse of how the human body is supposed to function. If your body's "wiring" is smashed, severed, damaged, or disconnected, then your brain cannot successfully transmit functional messages to certain parts of your body. Over time, this neurological malfunction can cause multiple overcompensations inside your body's nervous system, which takes away from your nervous system's optimal function. At Planet Chiropractic, we go to great lengths to diagnose and begin treating your existing pain or bodily dysfunction.

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Our Services
Discover Planet Chiropractic’s systematic approach to your back pain relief, joint pain, body imbalances, improved neuromuscular functionality, and much more.
Your First Visit
Your First Time? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Let’s check out what you or your loved ones can expect on your first visit to Planet Chiropractic.
Structural Care
For our professionals, structural care is at the forefront of helping with pain management and increased neuromuscular and body system functionality for our patients.
Community Waiting Area
From the waiting area and beyond, we have the best Chiropractic Care for Families.
Semi-Private Adjustment Area
Need a quick chiropractic adjustment? Planet Chiropractic has you covered.
On-Site X-Ray
For a full diagnostic of your body structure, Planet Chiropractic has x-ray technology on-site.
Corrective Restoration
Planet Chiropractic practices corrective restoration for a wide variety of bodily ailments. From Sports Injuries and Automobile Accidents to Advanced Pain Management and Wellness Seminars, we do it all.
Sports Injuries
If you or a loved one suffers from the lingering effects of sports injuries, call Planet Chiropractic. Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, or any other sport injuries that you’re dealing with.
Baseball Injuries
Shoulder problems? Elbow problems? Get your baseball injury treatment with us.
Soccer Injuries
Still feeling the effects of the last slide tackle? Planet Chiropractic helps soccer injuries.
Football Injuries
Whether your football injuries are old or new, Planet Chiropractic can help.
Cheerleading Injuries
Competition Cheerleading is high-impact. Let us help you recover.
Gymnastics Injuries
Score a perfect 10 with chiropractic care for your gymnastics injuries.
Running Injuries
Running can be great for your health, but bad on your joints. We can help.
Automobile Accidents
If you or a loved one is experiencing joint, back, neck, or any other pain from an automobile accident, Planet Chiropractic can help you. Get your life back with our professional Chiropractor services.
Whiplash is no joke. If you need whiplash treatment, call Planet Chiropractic.
Neck Pain
Don’t suffer with crippling neck pain, let Planet Chiropractic help you today.
Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain from an accident? Start your relief efforts today.
Wellness Seminars
Check out the Health and Wellness Seminars provided and hosted by your friends and Planet Chiropractic! All the resources you could ever want, and more!
Kids Chiro
If you want the best Chiropractic Care for Kids, toddlers, and even babies, call Planet Chiropractic. We serve West Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area with the utmost in care for our kids.
Kids Sports Injuries
Does your child suffer from sports injuries? Sports injuries are one of the most common reasons why kids suffer from structural imbalances. We can help your child today, and exponentially into the future.
Youth Baseball Injuries
Youth Baseball Injuries can happen every day. Don’t keep suffering!
Youth Soccer Injuries
For help recovering from Youth Soccer Injuries, give us a call.
Pop Warner Football Injuries
Youth Football Injuries shouldn’t hurt forever. Recover now!
Cheer Camp Injuries
Find relief for your child’s cheer camp injuries at Planet Chiropractic.
Little Tykes Gymnastics Injuries
We can help your little gymnast recover from injury.
Running Injuries
Childhood activity is great. Childhood running injuries are tough.
Kids Accident Injuries
If your child has endured injuries from an accident, we can help. Whether they still struggle daily with pain management, encounter flare-ups, or have lost mobility and function, we can help.
Bike Accidents
Accidents happen every day. On two wheels or otherwise. Find relief today with Planet Chiropractic.
Trampoline Injuries
Get your bounce back with our best chiropractic care in West Georgia or the Greater Atlanta area.
Tree House and Rope Swing Injuries
If home is where the heart is, tree houses are where childhood accidents are. Relief starts here!
Want more information on chiropractic costs at Planet Chiropractic? The numbers might surprise you! This is especially true when you measure the investment you’d be making in your body, your mobility, your functionality, and your vastly improved quality of life. You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!