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If you live or work in Douglasville, West Georgia, or the Greater Atlanta area, you have many options for Chiropractic care. We believe the best total care happens at Planet Chiropractic!

What Makes Planet Chiropractic Different from Any Other Local Chiropractor Service?

Whether you’ve been in pain from an accident, an injury, or you’ve been dealing with chronic pain in your body, no other Douglasville Chiropractor can do what Planet Chiropractic does for you. If you are looking for an experienced, trusted, local chiropractor in West Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area who truly cares about your health and wants to help you get pain-free—look no further! Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing Douglasville, West Georgia, and the surrounding Greater Atlanta area with an extensive, fully comprehensive range of top-level chiropractic services. And we don’t just work to help you alleviate pain and improve body functionality, we also work hard to help our clients enhance their health and wellness in between chiropractor visits. We also offer many FREE educational wellness opportunities that could reap untold benefits for you and your family.

There are a more than just a few reasons why people throughout West Georgia and Metro Atlanta choose our Douglasville Chiropractor Services, and each of the reasons are unique and special to those individuals. We work hard to understand what’s important to all our clients. Some love the fact that they feel like a priority for our professionals. Some like the ease and flexibility of follow-up chiropractic sessions. Some appreciate the fact that Planet Chiropractic has the lowest total Chiropractic costs around, while providing award-winning structural care services. For the reasons that are important to you, we hope you will choose Planet Chiropractic, too! We can meet and exceed all your Chiropractor needs, and get your body set correctly on the best path for less pain, more mobility, and better total body wellness. From structural issues to lower back pain, from sports injuries to auto accident recovery, and for all the enhanced wellness and mobility that you never thought possible, Planet Chiropractic helps you live your best life!

At Planet Chiropractic, Your Health is Priority #1

Every new patient with Planet Chiropractic will immediately receive a full consultation with a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic Care during their first visit. Your chiropractic doctor will find out what's going on with your lower back pain and help diagnose what is most likely contributing to your pain. Your trained and certified Douglasville Chiropractor will then explain the best fit treatment options for your unique needs, and share with you what you can expect during the initial appointment, and any follow-up visits. At this point in your first visit, if you choose to move forward with our expert chiropractic care options, we can either schedule your follow-up exam right then and there, or reschedule for another day. And the best news for some folks is that there will be no cost for that particular visit, regardless of when you choose to take it. Whatever works best for you in that situation is what Planet Chiropractic will do for you! Your health and continued wellness are our top priorities!

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Structural Care

One of the core philosophies of chiropractic care is that your body is constantly seeking a natural balance.

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Auto Accidents

The jarring effects of car accidents can cause major pain and discomfort, as well as many long term structural issues.

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Sports Injuries

More and more athletes are discovering the virtues of consistent chiropractic care to actually improve their athletic performance

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You Don’t HAVE to Make an Appointment for Follow-Ups

Other than for your first consultation, you don't have to have an appointment for our follow-up chiropractic services at Planet Chiropractic! You can simply walk in anytime we're open and be seen by a licensed chiropractor as soon as one is available. You don't need a medical referral or an insurance plan to receive our best chiropractic care in Douglasville, West Georgia, or the Greater Atlanta area. In some rare instances, you may experience a short wait if you walk in for follow-up visits. But we work hard to ensure that these wait times are minimal, and usually are just enough time for you to complete some guided stretching and mobility exercises that will actually help you get the most out of your chiropractic visit. No other Douglasville Chiropractor gives you that kind of flexibility and scheduling freedom.

We Explain our (Amazingly Low) Chiropractic Costs in Detail. No Hidden Costs. No Price Gouging.

We understand that discussing treatment costs may not be the most fun part of your normal chiropractic visits. At Planet Chiropractic, we try to distinguish a visit with us from a visit to any other chiropractic clinic. This includes working hard to make the compensation aspect of our services as comfortable and pain-free as the rest of our services. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having our staff calculate insurance benefits, as well as our various cash-only options, during your initial, free consultation with our staff chiropractors.

Your Entire Family Is in Great Hands! That includes Kid Chiropractic and Chiropractic Care for Babies!

Our founder and primary chiropractor, Dr. Butt, is an expert in chiropractic care for all ages and body types; including all ages of kids, from toddlers to teenagers! Not only that, but our doctor serves as the President of the Georgia Pediatric Association for Chiropractors. So if any Douglasville Chiropractor knows how to care for the structural wellness of your kids, it’s Dr. Awais Butt from Planet Chiropractic. As a general rule, children respond quicker and more profoundly to chiropractic care than average adults do. They haven't pushed their bodies through years of abuse and the accompanying wear and tear that their fellow adult patients have. What that means is that expert Chiropractic Care for babies, kids, and even teenagers can pay dividends for their continued wellness both now, and down the road.

You won't find more a more knowledgeable, experienced Chiropractor service than at Planet Chiropractic! We hope to meet with you soon, and get you back on a path to total body health.

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing Douglasville, West Georgia, and the Greater Atlanta area with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We understand the importance that you place on recovery from lower back pain. Chiropractic Care is natural, holistic, and safe. Don’t suffer! Contact us today!