Youth Baseball Injuries

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Every year, the amount of season-ending or career-ending baseball injuries increases at every level of professional baseball. A Sports Chiropractor can help your youngster recover from, and avoid injury.

Baseball Injuries - By the Numbers

You might have seen the numbers. Major League Baseball reports over 200 officially designated injuries every year. These injuries can leave over $700 Million in lost player salary money on the bench. This number doesn’t even include the player stipends for Disabled List stints or the cost of paying replacement player salaries. These numbers also don’t include the reported injuries from Minor League Baseball affiliates, as well as College, High School, and AAU reported injuries. The number of injuries continues to climb each year. You might expect the rise in injured players to be the result of more athletic, faster, stronger players colliding with other more athletic, faster, stronger players. While the actual reasons behind the injury epidemic in baseball might be much less dramatic than a pitch to the helmet or a home plate collision, they could be much more damaging in the long run for promising, young players.

So why are there so much more baseball injuries in the Major Leagues now than ever before?

Believe it or not, the baseball injury epidemic starts many years before players make it to “The Show.” In fact, you could be grooming your youngster for career-ending injuries right now. How? Let’s explore.

  • Parents, relatives, and friends start working consistently with talented youngsters at the first sign of talent

  • Young, talented ballplayers are recruited into Little League or AAU traveling leagues as young as age 4

  • The best talent from various regions and states are pitted against each other sometimes 200+ times per year

  • Scouts from highly touted colleges, high schools, MLB, and other AAU teams come observe the talent regularly

  • The young talent showcases their skills for Scouts, and press to keep their numbers consistently outstanding

  • Young pitchers face a better pool of seasoned, young hitters, so every pitch must be better and better

  • Younger pitchers begin developing off-speed, breaking, and change-up pitches to become more competitive

  • The torque needed to throw faster, harder-breaking pitches wears out shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand joints

  • Young pitchers throw harder pitches, more times per inning, for more innings per game, more games per year

  • The best pitchers play fewer non-pitching positions, so the same intense, unnatural motions are repeated

  • Because of the pressure from coaches, parents, and scouts, each game is treated like a Championship game

  • The best pitchers become featured as much as possible, to increase chances of winning every big game


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Baseball - America’s Favorite Pastime

For such a “leisurely” sport, baseball has the 6th highest injury rate of any worldwide sport. What’s the real reason behind all this? In short, it’s the numbers. And we don’t mean money this time. We mean the number of annual games. The number of successive, intense pitches. The lowered amount of mandatory rest between games. It all leads to advanced Tendonitis. And that leads to severe, even career-ending surgeries. This means a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and dysfunction for young baseball players. There are several ways to avoid these types of consequences. Younger players should play fewer consecutive “championship-like” games. Younger players should be on a strict pitch count. Younger players should avoid throwing certain types of harmful pitches while they are still developing and growing. Younger players should be placed on mandatory patterns of rest and rehabilitation throughout their playing career. While Planet Chiropractic can’t do anything about most of those things, we can help you with the rehabilitation process. We can also help your youngster stay in optimum performance condition, even when they aren’t technically injured. Baseball should be fun. There’s nothing fun about being injured. And there’s nothing fun about a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. Avoid those negative consequences, and keep your child playing baseball at optimum levels for as long as they want to, with advanced Sports Chiropractor services from Planet Chiropractic.

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We can help diagnose and begin your child’s sports injury treatment right at our facility. Planet Chiropractic can even help your child prevent future injury!