Pop Warner Football Injuries

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If your child plays Pop Warner Football, youth league recreational football, middle school, or high school football, you know that football injuries happen. Planet Chiropractic can help recover!

Football - America’s Most Popular Sport

Baseball may claim to be America’s favorite pastime, but very few people would argue that Football is America’s new favorite sport. People love all types of things about football: the pageantry, the battles, the tests of willpower in the trenches, the bravery of a player catching a pass over the top of the defense, and the skill it takes for a quarterback to drop an over-the-shoulder bomb to a streaking wide receiver. But what really defines football in the minds and hearts of so many fans, is the brutal, gladiator-styled athletic prowess of offensive, defensive, and special teams play that makes football such an intense contact sport. It would be easy to think that youth football has a higher rate of injury than all other American sports. But youth soccer wins that dubious award. There is no doubt, however, that football injuries are some of the most violent and terrifying in all of the youth sports, and Pop Warner Football Injuries are common. If your favorite football player has football injuries, a Chiropractor might be able to help them recover from injury.

NFL Gives Way to Pop Warner as “Most Dangerous” Football League

In the United States alone, there are several popular leagues of youth football, including Pee Wee, Youth Recreational, and American Youth Football, just to name a few. By and large, the most popular youth football league is Pop Warner Football. Nearly 300,000 young boys played Pop Warner football last year. Several acclaimed Neuroscientists believe that the damage possible from a head-injury to a young football player can be even more catastrophic than an older player. As with many body tissues, the brains of younger athletes are still in a highly developmental mode. If severe head trauma, or even small trauma over time, occurs with a Pop Warner football player, it may not take years for symptoms to show up. The adverse effects of concussions in younger players could be revealed almost immediately. If your favorite Pop Warner football player has been injured, a Chiropractor might have the best solutions for the future.

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The Importance of Teaching Young Football Players about Protection

Whether your favorite football player is playing Pop Warner Football, American Youth Football, Middle or High School Football, or even higher levels of Amateur or Professional Football, it’s important to protect them from injury. Helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads, butt pads, rib protectors, face shields, mouth guards, cleats, and other protective types of football gear are all very important. It’s also important to teach young players proper techniques for tackling, blocking, running, catching, delivering hits, bracing for hits, using their pads to protect themselves, and a whole host of other important techniques that will help them play football the right way. But these days, more football players from the NFL to Pop Warner are discovering that an experienced sports chiropractor can truly help protect their football career. Whether it’s recovering from football injuries, helping prevent injuries, or enhancing performance, Chiropractic Care and Football go hand in hand.

What Can a Chiropractor from Planet Chiropractic Do for Football Injuries?

If a youth football player is lucky, somewhere along the line someone who cares will recommend Chiropractic Care to their parents, guardians, or coaches. While a Chiropractor can often help young players diagnose their sources of sports-related injury and begin treatment to ensure their proper recovery, a specialized sports chiropractor can do much more than that. Parents love that Chiropractors, especially those who specialize in kids’ sports chiropractic care, can help keep their kids structurally sound and prevent a ton of injuries. Kids will love that their chiropractor can help steer them towards better physical performance, a sharper football mind, and more confidence while on the field, all while helping minimize the aches and pains that your football stud would much rather be inflicting on the other players. If your favorite football player needs help recovering from or preventing football injuries, call Planet Chiropractic today!

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We are your #1 resource for diagnosing and treating sports injuries. If your child has experienced youth soccer injuries or any other sports injuries, we can help!