Trampoline Injuries

Trampoline Injuries Douglasville

Has your child suffered trampoline injuries? Whether you know it or not, your children are in jeopardy every single time they jump. Planet Chiropractic can help your child recover from trampoline injuries.

Trampoline Injury Victims Are almost Always Under 16 – Find Pain Relief at Planet Chiropractic

Trampolines can be tons of fun! The bouncing, the flipping, the springboarding of the friends, they can all be the source of constant laughter you might hear coming from the backyard. But one misstep, or one failed trick, and the constant laughter becomes a gasp, or even cries of pain. Of all the different kinds of leisure-time accidents that occur nationwide, perhaps no injury is as dominated by children as trampoline injuries. Nearly 95% of the serious injuries that occur on trampolines involve our kids. 93% of all trampoline-related fractures happen to kids under 16. In fact, Trampolines cause around 100,000 reported injuries every year. Younger kids aren’t immune to trampoline injuries, either. 1 out of every 6 trampoline injuries are to children under 6 years old, and an even higher percentage of emergency room patients are from these younger kids.

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Why Are Trampolines Dangerous? What Makes them Fun Can Also Cause Major Damage to Our Kids

The mechanics of what makes a trampoline fun to jump on is also what can make it dangerous. It’s obvious that a trampoline gives you the ability to jump higher than you could on your own and continue jumping higher and higher with every jump. When multiple people are on the trampoline, the canvas can be pushed lower than if a single jumper were active. When this canvas is pushed lower, and if the first jumper times their jump correctly, the “springboard” action caused by the tandem jumping can shoot a child higher than they’ve ever been able to go. And many times they come back down the trampoline safely. But they could also come down hard on their head or neck area. And because the potential trajectory is now controlled by a combination of things instead of just where your child is bouncing, springboarding on a trampoline could also shoot a child off to the side just as easily.

Get the Best Chiropractic Care for Trampoline Injuries Douglasville Has to Offer – Planet Chiropractic

Studies say nearly 80% of all trampoline injuries occur when more than one person is jumping. So like most things that involve our kids, it isn’t necessarily the coordination or the direct choices of an individual child that puts them in jeopardy, the choices of other kids factor in. Springing your friends could also lead to twisted ankles and knees, especially if the first jumper is late, and the canvas is already on its way back up. Not even the modern usage of safety nets on trampolines can keep our kids safe. If your child has structural complications from trampoline injuries, Planet Chiropractic can help! Bear in mind that a fairly large percentage of trampoline injuries lead to permanent neurological damage, and many of those conditions are potentially treatable with expert chiropractic care. And as with many types of kid injuries, it’s better to get the problem addressed sooner, in order to optimize the likelihood for successful recovery and the restoration of total body functionality. Call Planet Chiropractic today! Aren’t our kids worth it?

Trampoline Parks Are Fun - But Can Be Just as Dangerous as Trampolines at Home – Here’s How

Trampoline parks are all the rage right now for active, family fun. Because of the wall to wall, padded trampoline design, these parks can seem like a wonderland to kids. And because they are generally supervised by parents or park employees, it feels somewhat safer than an unsupervised trampoline in your backyard. But this feeling can be deceiving. Trampoline Parks are fun for kids, but they combine some of the most harmful elements about trampolines. The wall-to-wall trampoline canvases spur a higher rate or daredevil activity from most kids. The more friends and strangers there are to impress, the more a child will try to impress them with flips, turns, twists, and high-vaulted bouncing. An increase in general traffic on the trampolines is also part of the heightened danger equation that can result in a higher number of intense trampoline injuries. The sheer number of serious reported trampoline accidents in tramp-parks has risen 10x in the last 4 years alone. If your child loves to jump, and you choose to take them to a trampoline park, be prepared for the possibility of an emergency room visit, doctor visit, or the need for a kids’ chiropractor. If your child has suffered trampoline injuries, or any other new or nagging structural injuries while playing, Planet Chiropractic can help! Dr. Awais Butt is one of the premier kid chiropractic experts in the entire Greater Atlanta area, and provides the best chiropractic care for trampoline injuries Douglasville has to offer. Contact us today to help your child begin recovery for injury.

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