Kids Accident Injuries

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Is your child suffering from Kids Accident Injuries? If you want a natural, holistic, non-invasive approach to injury rehab, you need a Pediatric Chiropractor. Planet Chiropractic can help your kids recover!

Kids’ Accidents Can Lead to Pain, Dysfunction, and Structural Imbalances

Accidents happen every day. If you have a child, you know that accidents can happen even more often than that! But if your child has been in a serious accident, or is having structural dysfunction & nagging pains, you need a solution sooner rather than later. When a child has been in a car accident, it’s very natural for parents to consider chiropractic care for their children. Our kid’s young, still-developing body structures can be inhibited, or even endure faulty development, if their accident injuries are left untreated. Because auto accident recovery is sometimes synonymous with chiropractic care, or because we may have been in the car with our children when the accident occurred, we often consider getting our kids the same chiropractic care that we get for ourselves. But what about the accidents that happen around the house? What about the accidents that we consider normal parts of childhood? Do we have the same reaction to those kinds of injuries as we would a car crash? Not likely, especially if our child didn’t break a bone or lacerate themselves.

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Structural Care

One of the core philosophies of chiropractic care is that your body is constantly seeking a natural balance.

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Auto Accidents

The jarring effects of car accidents can cause major pain and discomfort, as well as many long term structural issues.

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Sports Injuries

More and more athletes are discovering the virtues of consistent chiropractic care to actually improve their athletic performance

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Leaving Your Child’s Injuries Untreated Hurts Them Now and Into the Future

Studies reveal that untreated structural injuries from childhood accidents may be slowly crippling our kids. What’s worse, untreated accident injuries may be drastically hindering your child’s physical, mental, and emotional development. When you refuse to have your kids’ accident injuries treated, you could be leaving their central nervous system in jeopardy. As kids continue to develop, any hitch in their nervous system can impede development and functionality. Have you noticed your child’s posture worsening over time? Have you noticed them leaning to one side, shifting their hips constantly, or slumping? We’ve all probably told our kids to “sit up straight,” but what if their poor posture is actually a result of structural imbalances? An experienced Pediatric Chiropractor, like the professionals from Planet Chiropractic, can diagnose the source of your child’s structural inhibitors, and begin treatment. Wouldn’t you like to give your child the best opportunity to grow and function as best as they can? Call or contact Planet Chiropractic today!

Pediatric Chiropractors Practice Non-Invasive, Holistic Health Care

Whether your child has been involved in a car accident, a sports accident, an accident at school or at home, or has just developed structural imbalances over time, there are many benefits to seeing a Pediatric Chiropractor. The team at Planet Chiropractic has been helping kids recovery from injuries, enhance their injury prevention, and help them optimize their total functionality since we first opened our doors. Chiropractic Care has also been cited to help with issues like ear infections, attention deficit disorders, and chronic pain symptoms. At Planet Chiropractic, we would begin by fully evaluating your child’s history, activities, and complications. Our experienced Pediatric Chiropractor services begin by diagnosing the source of your child’s pain, dysfunction, or structural imbalances. By treating the source instead of trying to cover up the symptoms, chiropractic care can set your child on course for a happy, healthy childhood.

For more information on what Planet Chiropractic can do to help your child recover from these specific at-home accidents, check out these specific pages.

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We are in your kids’ corner for diagnosing and treating kids running injuries. If you need a Sports Medicine Chiropractor, call Planet Chiropractic! We can help!