Gymnastics Injuries

Gymnastics Injuries Douglasville

Tumbling. Vaulting. 10-point landings. They all point to one thing - the eventual need for Chiropractic Care. If you or someone you know has new or nagging gymnastics injuries, call Planet Chiropractic!

Gymnastics - Elite Athletics Require Elite Athlete Care

Few competitive sports require as much dedication and individual discipline as gymnastics. Truly one of the most demanding of all the individual competitive sports, gymnastics is just as demanding on the body of a gymnast as it is on their mental fortitude. The body mechanics involved in almost any competitive gymnastic activity is much more intense than an average athlete would be able to withstand. The sheer amount of brute force required for Olympic, Collegiate, and other top-level gymnasts to perform an exercise like the Vault is astounding. The Gymnast must generate enough force to spring into the air, ricochet off the vaulting table, perform a multitude of torque-laden twists and flips, then land feet-first in a graceful, 10-point landing. Just watching gymnastics can make you feel like you need a Chiropractor!

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Planet Chiropractic Can Help You Recover from Gymnastics Injuries

Even an average practice session that a competitive gymnast endures daily would snap an average person’s ankles, knees, back, hips, and cause untold damage to their ligaments, muscles, and spinal column. A practicing gymnast not only performs Vault-type demanding tasks every day, but they may also practice and perform events like Floor Routines, the Balance Beam, the Uneven Bars, the Parallel Bars, the Horizontal Bar, the Still Rings, and the Pommel Horse for several hours every day. Gymnasts must also perform a whole host of other training exercises that help them prepare for the physical and mental demands of competitive gymnastics. It’s no surprise that gymnastic athletes often endure a myriad of gymnastics injuries. If you or your loved one has suffered a gymnastics injury, chronic pain, or other dysfunction due to gymnastics activities, help is only a phone call away. Call Planet Chiropractic today!

Are you suffering from these or other Gymnastics Injuries? Call Planet Chiropractic!

  • Wrist Sprains (Aching Soreness, Limited Range of Motion)

  • Shoulder Soreness (“dead shoulder” or throbbing pulses)

  • Low Back Injuries (constant stiffness or debilitating soreness)

  • Achilles Soreness (primarily Achilles Tendonitis)

  • Knee Sprains & Injuries (especially ACL sprains)

  • Labral Damage (common from ring and bar exercises)

  • Foot Strains & Sprains (primary or secondary condition)

  • Hip Injuries (occurs from nearly every type of gymnastic exercise)

Planet Chiropractic - Chiropractic Care for Gymnastics Injuries Douglasville

The type of activity that gymnasts perform puts untold strain on the body of a male or female gymnast. Successful gymnastics requires much more than just leg strength, shoulder strength, or abdominal balance and control. To be a competitive gymnast, your entire body must work in tandem in order to truly excel at this physically demanding sport. Without a properly functioning and optimized central nervous system, all the muscle in the world won’t help you dominate the Still Rings or excel at the Uneven Bars. If you or someone you know is a competitive gymnast, you need outstanding Chiropractic Care. Planet Chiropractic has been West Georgia and Metro Atlanta’s #1 source for Gymnastic-based Chiropractic Care since the very beginning. If you have sustained Gymnastics Injuries, there’s simply no one better suited for your needs than Planet Chiropractic. Keep your body working in optimum condition with chiropractic care!

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We understand the importance of getting your central nervous system in optimum working order when recovering from gymnastics injuries. Call us today!