Tree House and Rope Swing Injuries

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There’s a reason why Tarzan was always screaming. Rope Swing Injuries Hurt! If your child has complications from a tree house fall or a rope swing injury, Planet Chiropractic can help!

Tree House Spills - WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE (house)!

Nothing reminds us of the fun parts of adolescence quite like a good, old-fashioned Tree House. If you were a lucky kid, your Dad was awesome enough to build you your very own kingdom in the trees. If you didn’t have a tree house, but you knew someone who did, you likely coveted it and wished you had one of your own. But perhaps it’s better that you didn’t have a tree house when you were a child. Besides just the average rusty nail snags and splinters from splitting boards, your childhood tree house could have presented a whole other, dangerous set of circumstances. The most common injuries from Tree House falls or failed daredevil jumping attempts are injuries to the neck, shoulder, arms, and hands. This is true largely because the jumping or falling victim will attempt to brace their fall, or they fall unsuspectingly, both of which can result in broken limbs, bruises, cuts, and structural damage. Bruises and Cuts usually heal quickly, and broken limbs might cause a stir, but can heal quicker if properly attended to. Structural damage can destroy your child’s chances for proper development and function. But Planet Chiropractic can help! Call today!

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Rope Swing Injuries Are Serious Business

Rope Swing Injuries can leave your head stinging, and your joints swinging. Because of the high-risk possibility of injury due to a rope swing session, especially rope swings over water, a whole host of injuries can occur to your child. Though younger children might suffer the highest number of injuries, older children are more likely to fall or jump from greater heights because they are much more likely to swing higher. Whether your child has injured themselves in a tire swing, a swinging bench, a standard swing set, a rope swing over open water, or if they have injured themselves while performing any other type of jungle activity, Planet Chiropractic is your #1 Family Chiropractic Center in West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, West Atlanta, Douglas County, or Douglasville, GA. The most long-lasting impact from rope swing injuries is often structural damage, due in part to the dismissive nature that we approach those injuries with. If your child has suffered rope swing injuries, and you fear structural damage, don’t make them suffer! Call Planet Chiropractic today!

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