On-Site Xray

Douglasville Xray

For the highest levels of probability, Planet Chiropractic can offer on-site x-ray technology to help diagnose your spinal situation, and begin treatment.

A Real Pain in the Neck. Or Back. Or Knee. Or….

Pain, for the human body, is similar to a steady transmission of an “error code” to your brain. Pain in the body is an attempt to tell your brain that something is wrong, damaged, or working improperly. If your body’s neurological and neuromuscular systems are working improperly, your chances for short-term and long-term health may be greatly diminished. At Planet Chiropractic, we believe that proper spinal alignment is necessary for optimal health for you and your loved ones. One of the many ways we can begin diagnosing your unique spinal situation is by utilizing our on-site x-ray technology.

X-Ray Technology Is Safe and Effective

Safe and effective, a chiropractic x-ray can tell your Chiropractor a great deal about your body. X-Rays can detect the reasons for your natural posture, your reasons for chronic pain throughout your body, and why you may be suffering from various ailments. Your Planet Chiropractic Chiropractor can use your x-ray to help successfully diagnose and begin treating your sources of bodily infractions. The goal is to find the reason behind your body’s malfunctions, and eliminate the source of your pain or dysfunction. By functioning at optimal performance levels, your body will hopefully be able to operate at optimum performance and begin to heal itself. We work hard so your body can function correctly for years to come.

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Structural Care

One of the core philosophies of chiropractic care is that your body is constantly seeking a natural balance.

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Auto Accidents

The jarring effects of car accidents can cause major pain and discomfort, as well as many long term structural issues.

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Sports Injuries

More and more athletes are discovering the virtues of consistent chiropractic care to actually improve their athletic performance

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What to Expect on Your First Visit

During your initial examination at Planet Chiropractic, we will conduct a routine structural exam, focusing on the areas you are experiencing trouble. We will then examine your entire spine for structural shifts. For example, if you are experiencing lower back pain, we will likely examine your neck to see if it’s compensating for an injury in the lower back. Up and down your spinal column, there are multiple cause-and-effect scenarios. Your initial exam will typically include a variety of assessments, such as evaluating your range of motion, reflex testing, muscle strength comparisons, as well as neurological and orthopedic tests focused on your specific pain or dysfunction.

The Importance of X-Ray Technology in Spinal Care

As a part of your initial exam, we will take digital, high-frequency x-rays of your spine and problem areas. The purpose of the x-rays is to gain specific insight into your bone structure and soft tissues. It also helps us understand the extent of any general wear and tear, anomalies in your spine, and other key factors that will assist in the development of your specific treatment plan. We also think it's important to analyze the internal condition of your spine prior to putting manual pressure on the spine. There are certain spinal problems such as severe degenerative arthritis or the slippage of a vertebra that may not be detected without an x-ray. These factors along with others may alter the Chiropractor’s assessment of your spinal health, and determine which types of chiropractic techniques to use.

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We understand the importance of utilizing our on-site x-ray technology as a first step in spinal health.