What are my Treatment Options

Chronic Back Pain Relief

If you’re looking for chronic back pain relief or any other type of pain or dysfunction relief, Planet Chiropractic has outstanding Treatment Options for you!

Are you suffering from Chronic Back Pain? Well, you’re not alone. Back pain is the 2nd most commonly documented reason for doctor visits in the United States. Back pain is consistently in the top three most commonly documented reasons that Americans miss work. Planet Chiropractic can help you get chronic back pain relief, and more!

What Are My Treatment Options?

It’s interesting that Chiropractic Care is often called “Alternative Care” by many members of the medical community. This is interesting because, at the heart of the matter, Chiropractors actually practice a much more conservative form of patient care than any other medical professionals. We hold this to be true primarily because Chiropractic Care is non-invasive, as opposed to internal medicine or surgical procedures. Chiropractic Care for things such as chronic back pain relief treats pain, inflammation, or bodily dysfunction at the source of problems, instead of trying to corral the outflowing symptoms.

I've been with Dr. Awais since he opened his practice. I suffer from severe migraines. He helps me keep them under control... He also is treating my daughter for Scoliosis. She’s been going for past 2-3 years, and has straightened from 15 degrees to better than 8 degrees... I highly recommend Planet Chiropractic. They will help you any way they can.

~ Melody Willoughby

Planet Chiropractic Believes in YOUR Choice

If you’ve been searching for chronic back pain relief, we hope you will consider making a FREE first-time consultation appointment with Planet Chiropractic. We can help you track down the sources and history of your pain and discomfort. By digging deep into your health and wellness background, as well as your daily activities and patterns, we can help get you on a path towards healthy rehabilitation. However, it is not our intention to manipulate your opinions regarding chiropractic or non-chiropractic options for your health and wellness. It is our goal to simply provide you with complete, thorough, objective information regarding our specific style of chiropractic care, and how various treatment options might affect your overall level of health and wellness. We offer this information so that all our patients can be better equipped with holistic knowledge, and can hopefully make better decisions for their current and continued health.

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Structural Care

One of the core philosophies of chiropractic care is that your body is constantly seeking a natural balance.

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Auto Accidents

The jarring effects of car accidents can cause major pain and discomfort, as well as many long term structural issues.

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Sports Injuries

More and more athletes are discovering the virtues of consistent chiropractic care to actually improve their athletic performance

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From Your First Consultation Onward

For relief from Chronic Back Pain, or for treatment options for any other type of pain or dysfunction, most people begin the chiropractic care process by scheduling a free consultation with a licensed chiropractor. During our free consultation session and subsequent visits, we will discuss in detail how other chiropractors and other healthcare professionals might address your condition. We will also discuss our approach and help you figure out which may be a better long-term fit for your unique health care situation. While it is not our place to speak on behalf of other professionals or what they offer, part of our mission as educators is to provide you with an understanding of what’s out there in quality healthcare. Even if you choose to look elsewhere for a solution to your health care needs, we always want you to know that you can count on us as a truly objective health and wellness resource. We consider every present, past, and future Planet Chiropractic client to be like family, and we wish nothing but optimum health for you and your loved ones.

Our Patients and Their Loved Ones Trust Planet Chiropractic

It should come as no surprise that we get calls from friends and relatives of our patients, asking us questions about their own health challenges. We take great pride in offering our expertise from years of experience to our patients, and their friends and loved ones. It is very important for those of us at Planet Chiropractic to be a knowledgeable, caring source of information and education in our Community. We take every effort to distinguish our services and way we offer holistic chiropractic care. That’s just how we do things at Planet Chiropractic.

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We are your #1 source for skilled and experienced treatment options for chronic back relief pain, and so much more. Call Planet Chiropractic today!