Community Waiting Area
Community Waiting Area

Chiropractic Care for Families

When you visit Planet Chiropractic you will immediately see that we do things a bit differently than a traditional clinic. Our overall goal is to assist you in achieving a richer quality of life! We have structured our practice and office environment to start that process from your first visit.

Our regular patients all have been given a membership card, allowing them to quickly check-in and move past the front desk into our main waiting area—the Adjustatorium. This is a large waiting area that includes our main adjustment bays. It's an intentionally designed as an open, community-creating, and family-friendly environment.

Our hope is to significantly decrease the time you spend waiting and to eliminate the awkwardness of a waiting rooom by creating an enviroment where everyone from babies to seniors feel welcome. We have structured an environment where family and community members can be a supporting part of each individual’s journey to wellness.

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