Cheerleading Injuries

Cheerleading Injuries Douglasville

If you or your favorite cheerleader are suffering from cheerleading injuries, whether they’re from brand new incidents or leftover from the glory days, Planet Chiropractic can help you. Call today!

The New, Dynamic, Explosive World of Cheerleading

If you’ve seen competitive cheerleading in the past few years, you will quickly realize that this isn’t your Grandmother’s Cheerleading. Whether you or your favorite cheerleader is involved at the professional level, collegiate level, or even the high school or younger levels of competitive athletics, Cheerleading Injuries can happen. As a Cheerleader, you can be involved in activities ranging from the combined worlds of gymnastics, competitive dance, and aerial stunt work. Whether your cheerleader is a Flyer, Base, Cupie, Hurdler, Spotter, Dancer, Tumbler, or even a Mascot, the risk for injuries is high. One botched basket catch or an overextended handspring can sideline your favorite cheerleader in a hurry. Planet Chiropractic can help cheerleaders recover from cheerleading injuries and even help prevent future ones.

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The Challenges of Modern Cheerleading

Modern Cheerleaders can easily encounter the same number of injuries as the football and basketball players they cheer for. In many ways, tumble-based cheerleading is rougher on wrists, knees, hips, and backs than many other sports. You might say that today’s cheerleader is like a gymnast, choreographed dancer, and acrobat, all in one. The biggest difference between competition cheerleading and competitive gymnastics is that cheerleaders also have to smile, make eye contact with the crowd, and keep their bubbly personality on display. There’s also the additional teammates that must be accounted for, trusted, and relied on to execute proper catching, tossing, stunting, and dismounting moves. You can be as focused as possible on your next task, but if any one teammate loses focus, it could spell disaster for you, them, and other teammates. If you’ve been hurt in a cheerleading accident, don’t suffer! Call Planet Chiropractic today!

Have you or your favorite cheerleader been injured during any of the following? Don’t suffer any longer! Call Planet Chiropractic today! We can help!

  • Aerial Stunts

  • Back Flips

  • Back Bends

  • Back Handsprings

  • Basket Catches

  • Cradle Catches

  • Deadman Falls

  • Dismounts

  • Extensions

  • Front Flips

  • Full Extensions

  • Handsprings

  • Handstands

  • Herkies

  • Hurdlers

  • Liberty

  • Mounts/Stunts

  • Pyramids

  • Table Tops

  • Tick-Tocks

  • Toe Touches

  • Tumbling

If you know someone who has endured cheerleading injuries due to any of the aforementioned items or any other type of cheerleading move, stunt, choreographed dance, collision, sprain, or strain, don’t wait until the problem becomes worse! Call, click, or contact Planet Chiropractic at the first sign of trouble, and get yourself or your favorite cheerleader started on holistic restoration, cheerleading injury recovery, and cheerleading injury prevention! Contact us today!

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