Bike Accidents

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Has your little tiger paw been involved in a bike accident? Bike accidents can be scary, and painful! But the pain from a bone-jarring crash on a bicycle doesn’t have to last forever. Call Planet Chiropractic!

Bike Accidents Happen Every Day

A bicycle is different from an automobile for many reasons. Conceptually, a bicycle does not move on its own; it has to be pedaled. Similarly, a bicycle does not keep itself upright, it must be balanced. For a young child, half the fun of learning to ride a bike is the fact they are contributing to the movement. There’s something fulfilling about making a bike go forward for the first time. It’s a truly exhilarating experience for any new rider. In fact, the best part about riding a bike is the feeling of freedom. But bike riding can have a dark side. For a child, the worst part about riding a bike is the feeling of falling off, crashing, or losing control. This is a scary moment for kids and is one that might have long lasting effects on their psyche. A bike accident can also have long lasting effects on your child’s health and well-being. Scrapes and bruises heal, but without proper treatment, your child may retain structural damage from a bike accident long into their adulthood. Planet Chiropractic can help diagnose and treat your child’s structural damage at the source. Call today!

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Protective Gear Doesn’t Protect Everything

More kids wear helmets while riding their bicycle than ever before. And this is great news for severe lacerations or head trauma from a bicycle spill. But does a bike helmet protect against all injuries? Quite simply, the answer is “No”. In fact, falling off a bicycle and landing on a bike helmet might give your child a terrible concussion, cause neck pain, and leave them with all kinds of structural damage. It’s easy to dismiss the actual effects of an accident if your child was indeed wearing a helmet. But the long lasting effects of undiagnosed or untreated structural injuries can hinder your child’s development, and lead to a whole host of ongoing problems throughout their growing years. The same principle applies to elbow and knee pads. The protection against scrapes that a knee pad offers is great, but the thud of your child’s knee against the inside of a hard knee pad could jar their knee, hip, lower back, or even their spinal column. Protective Gear is a major leap forward for kids on bicycles, but it doesn’t protect against the long-lasting effects of structural damage. If your child has been involved in a bike accident and still has a nagging pain, headaches, or other symptoms, contact us.

Tricks are Not Always Treats

Kids on bicycles have always had a fondness for doing tricks, or at least attempting tricks. Chances are, if you’ve seen kids try to do bike tricks or you tried some when you were a kid, you witnessed far more failures than successes. Poorly built ramps cause as many bike accidents as potholes. Most bike accidents happen when your child is riding too fast, playing, doing tricks, or simply losing control. With teenagers, the top spots belong to losing control and collisions with motor vehicles. Regardless of how your bike accident happened, or how your kids’ accident happened, if you’ve been hurt, and need a chiropractor, Planet Chiropractic can help! Scooters and Skateboard Injuries happen, too. In fact, they can cause even more long-lasting pain and dysfunction than a bike accident. Kids will always be kids. But the painful reminders of their failed bicycle trick ambitions don’t have to have to last forever. If your child or teenager has been involved in a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or any other accident, call Planet Chiropractic. We can help!

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We are in your kids’ corner for diagnosing and treating kids bike injuries. If you need a Kids Injuries Chiropractor, call Planet Chiropractic! We can help!