Baseball Injuries

Baseball Injuries Douglasville

Do you have new or nagging baseball injuries? Whether you’re young or old, America’s Favorite Pastime can leave you with chronic pain, inflammation, or more. Planet Chiropractic can help!

Baseball Injuries at the Highest Level

In the United States, Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of organized play. If a player is good enough to be kept on a Major League roster, but is injured, or needs time to recover from an ailment, that player will be placed on that team’s Disabled List (DL). The minimum stint on the traditional Disabled List for an MLB player is 15 days. A player can also be placed on the Disabled List for much longer than 15 days. Every year, the number of players assigned to the DL increases, as does the cost of losing a player for those 15+ days. Of all injuries that result in more than a 15-day DL designation, the most common injuries are all related to various forms of Tendonitis. If you have suffered a serious or nagging baseball injury, whether you’re in T-Ball, the Majors, or anywhere in between, call Douglasville’s #1 chiropractic care center, Planet Chiropractic. We can help you recover from baseball injuries by getting to the source of the problem.

What Kinds of Baseball Injuries Are the Most Common?

When we think of a severe baseball injury, we might think of a player getting hit by a pitch, or a pitcher getting hit by a batted ball. It is true that on every single pitch, there is a danger of a batter getting hit in the face, the helmet, or a less life-threatening place that can hurt or injure a player. Jason Heyward and Giancarlo Stanton are a couple of recent Major League batters who have had been hit in the face area and missed major time due to getting plunked by a pitched ball. Aroldis Chapman, a left-handed relief pitcher who has thrown pitches in excess of 106 MPH, was struck in the face by a line drive with over 6,000 pounds of force. Other baseball injuries we might think of are also impact related, like collisions between outfielders and infielders on an in-between pop-fly, or between a runner and a catcher on a close play at the plate. Other injuries include hamstring pulls, twisted ankles, hip strains, and more. But of the $700 Million in annual salary loss from injured players in the MLB, over 60% comes from pitchers. Most of this is in the form of shoulder and elbow injuries, not from impact-related baseball injuries as you might expect.

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Tendonitis Leaves You Tender

Tendonitis occurs when tendons that are connected to bones are injured, worn-out, overused, strained, or used incorrectly. Usually the result of over-training, the repetitive overuse of a single joint (or joints) can result in extreme pain and restricted use of that joint. In the shoulder, the rotator cuff (an intricate group of muscles that stabilizes and moves the shoulder) becomes inflamed. Shoulder soreness and rotator cuff problems are a constant source of strain for baseball players, especially pitchers. But Baseball isn’t the only sport that can lead to advanced Tendonitis. “Tennis Elbow” is another common form of tendinitis that occurs along the outside of the elbow. Conversely, with “Golfer’s Elbow” the tendons on the inside of the elbow are affected. If you’ve experienced tendonitis, your friends at Planet Chiropractor can help diagnose and treat your Tendonitis at the source, and help you move forward in your recovery. Don’t be one of the 4 million Americans who suffer every year from untreated tendonitis. Call or contact Planet Chiropractic today!

What Can Planet Chiropractic do for Tendonitis and other Baseball Injuries?

Planet Chiropractic takes a non-invasive, holistic approach to treating all your baseball injuries, including tendonitis, joint stiffness, shoulder soreness, and other types of pain or dysfunction. We will begin with a correct, thorough diagnosis of your problem areas to ensure what the underlying causes of your discomfort are. We will then offer treatment that starts at the source of your problems, instead of simply covering up the symptoms. By taking this approach, your chiropractic care specialists expect to naturally lessen the direct pain in your affected region, help you improve range of motion and mobility, and reduce your swelling and tenderness. We trust your Planet Chiropractic experience will help get your body in position to function at optimum levels, and even heal itself from the inside. Call or contact us today!

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We understand the importance that you place on recovery from lower back pain. Chiropractic Care is natural, holistic, and safe. Don’t suffer! Contact us today!