Affordable Douglasville Chiropractor

Affordable Douglasville Chiropractor

If you are looking for a Chiropractor in the Douglasville area, you won’t find a better total value for Chiropractic Care than you’ll find at Planet Chiropractic!

Planet Chiropractic Offers Affordability and Value

Studies have shown that across the globe, low back pain is the single leading cause of disability. If you get hurt and have to miss work, you can’t afford to leave yourself untreated. Planet Chiropractic has been helping clients discover the root of back pain, neck pain, and more since the very beginning. We find the source and work hard to eliminate the problem, helping you restore your total body health. We do understand that discussing treatment costs is not always the most fun part of any visit to a chiropractic clinic or any other health-care facility. That’s why we work hard to make this aspect of our services as comfortable and pain-free as the rest of our services.

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Structural Care

One of the core philosophies of chiropractic care is that your body is constantly seeking a natural balance.

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Auto Accidents

The jarring effects of car accidents can cause major pain and discomfort, as well as many long term structural issues.

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Sports Injuries

More and more athletes are discovering the virtues of consistent chiropractic care to actually improve their athletic performance

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Full, Open, Honest Communication - Your Affordable Douglasville Chiropractor

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having our staff calculate insurance benefits and cash-only options during your initial, free consultation with a licensed Planet Chiropractic chiropractor. When we discuss the cost of your chiropractic care, we'll be discussing what your insurance benefits cover and what options we have. We will also help you get a projected view of how that looks over the full course of your treatment plan. Our goal is that before you drop a single dime in our office, you know what the entire payment schedule of your on-going chiropractic care services will look like.

Planet Chiropractic accepts cash payments and most insurance plans.

We Work Hard to Relieve Your Pain and Your Wallet

Every year, Americans spend over $50 Billion Dollars on back pain relief. Between surgeries, pills, and other forms of invasive therapy, your medical bills can go through the roof. What’s worse, you might never truly find relief from your back pain. The same principles apply to neck pain, knee pain, or other pains and dysfunctions that could have possibly been treated with chiropractic care. At Planet Chiropractic, our #1 goal is total restoration for yours and your loved one’s bodies. What good would it do to help heal someone but leave their wallet in shambles? Planet Chiropractic works hard to keep our costs low and our service offerings as high-quality and high-value as possible, so that we can be your affordable Douglasville chiropractor.

What if I Have a Legal Claim or Pending Insurance Reimbursement?

In the case of an accident or a legal claim, we will still work out the costs so we have it in writing, but will work with your attorney or insurance claims department to delay payment until the case settles. We will have a conversation with you examining all the details and ask that you have an attorney handle the claim and/or legal action. This way we’re not expecting you to negotiate the final settlement, but expecting an expert to do it, ensuring that everyone is properly covered. Planet Chiropractic believes that you shouldn’t have to wait for a settlement before you begin your rehabilitating chiropractic care.

Planet Chiropractic is committed to providing the West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the West Atlanta community with a full range of premier chiropractic services and wellness educational opportunities. We are your #1 choice for high-value, affordable Douglasville chiropractor care.